Do you want to know what that barcode really says? AllDataScan handles over 30 formats. Scan your boarding pass to see what the airlines really publish about you.


A simple app for aspiring artists to express themselves. 3 versions available. Base version offers great drawing package. Intermediate package allows sharing, so your young artist can send their creations to Mom, Grandmother, or anyone!. Premium version offers file import from a picture or photo.

Collectable Tracker

CollectableTracker is a great app to let you put all of your "collectable" data together. 


CryptoCurrencyTracker keeps track of the top 10 crypto currencies and your investments. It allows you to input how much Crypto-currency that you own and share it in a PDF fie or email. If you own multiple Crypto-currencies, you'll need CryptoCurrencyTracker


Watch Bitcoins value in 5 different currencies. If you want to be able to act fast, you need BitcoinTracker

Tesla Tools

If you really want to know all of the details about your Tesla, you need TeslaTools. It gives you all of the control of your car functions and also provides all of the information about your car. The premium version also will track the "vampire" power drainage.